Christmas Photos

Ken and Vesta Mini Christmas Session

Every year, starting from when we put our Christmas trees up on November 1st until Christmas Eve Day, we do Christmas Mini Sessions for only fifty dollars.

It’s sort of like our Christmas gift to our friends and customers and anybody else who sees one of our ads. You can see a couple hundred examples of our photos, by clicking on this link: Christmas Photos.

Vesta and the Xmas Lights Square

We are Christmas people, Vesta and me. We usually put our trees up before Halloween and we take them down sometime in March. One of the happiest days of the year for me is when we put ‘em up and one of the saddest is when we take ’em down.

But, people think we’re strange enough on Valentine’s Day when they come over for their portraits and we have a couple Christmas trees in the living room. I can only imagine what they’d think if we had them up in the middle of the summer.

We’re also huge fans of Christmas lights and we enjoy the heck out of driving around, looking at and photographing them. And, whenever I can coax her, I get Vesta to pose with them, like in the above photograph.

Christmas 000

Malls are a lotta fun and we’ve done some Christmas sessions in ‘em. Not our Fifty Dollar Specials. If you want to go the the mall on Christmas Eve or any other day, that costs more, but it’s a lotta fun.

Ken and Vesta in an Ornament

We were walking around the mall in Reno when Vesta spied this yellow ornament on the giant tree they had there and she insisted that I take this picture, so I did. It’s kinda cute, even though we do look funny.

Strong 075

Some of our favorite Christmas subject are the kids, especially the young ones. Sure, it takes a little longer photographing them sometimes, but the patience always pays off. You can see what I mean in the above photograph and the ones below.

But, of course, our Christmas photographs are not all about kids. We photograph tons of big people too. And again, you can check out a couple hundred of our Fifty Dollar Christmas Special photographs, by clicking on this link: Christmas Photos.

Aspen Christmas Square

Christmas 056

Christmas 030

Christmas 046

Christmas 158

Christmas 028 Square

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