Chelsea and Carol

Chelsea and Carol

Chelsea and Carol were fraternal twins who got married in a double ceremony on August 13th, 1937. They married two brothers, who were also fraternal twins and who were born on the same day as Chelsea and Carol.

One might think it was planned, but it wasn’t. Chelsea and Carol met Gregory and Edwin in August of 1936 at a political rally for Alf Landon, who was running against Franklin Roosevelt. The country was eight years into the Great Depression and Roosevelt was running for his second term.

Roosevelt creamed Landon in the election, but the Landon campaign worked out well for Chelsea and Gregory, because they fell in love and stayed that way right up until old age and with the exception of the four years Greg served in the Navy during the war, they’d never been apart, not even for one day.

And one of the reasons they stayed together was because they were avid nudists and back in those days you didn’t find too many Republican nudist, cuz that was mostly a Democratic pastime. At least in Connecticut.

They felt they had to keep their proclivity for running around naked from all their Republican friends and indeed from everybody else in the state of Connecticut. So a couple times a year they’d go to a nudist colony in New Hampshire.

They took up skydiving in their eighties and on their ninetieth birthday, they decided to parachute into the Burning Man festival in Nevada. However, at the last minute, they decided to shed their clothes and crash the party in their birthday suits.

Sadly, they unhooked from their tether to strip and as soon as they were out of their clothes, the plane banked and they fell out without their chutes, screaming all the way down to their deaths below.

Fortunately, they didn’t hit anybody, though they did make quite a splash.

As far as the girls go, Chelsea and Carol couldn’t have been more different and you can get an example of this, just by looking at their wedding dresses and their bouquets. Chelsea is wearing a simple dress, because if she had her way, she’d’ve been a naked bride, whereas Carol is wearing a dress that costs over a thousand dollars, which was a whole heck of a lotta money in 1937.

Edwin, was an actor who never got beyond the bit playing role. Though, when Director John Ford told him he wanted him for the lead in Stagecoach, he felt his star was rising, but on the day Carol and Edwin threw a mega party to celebrate, Ford dumped him and hired John Wayne instead.

Embarrassed and devastated, the couple fled to Havana and opened a whorehouse. In no time at all they got hooked up with the Mafia and for a price, they delivered a lotta dirt on a lotta prominent Americans to them, including some info on a future American president.

However, friends of the future president paid of Fidel Castro and he ran the couple off his island on a barge, keeping the goods to himself. Whether or not he ever blackmailed said president, nobody knows and nobody knows for sure whatever happened to Carol and Edwin, though I have it on good authority that they lived out their lives in Buenos Aires, running a cathouse there.

Do I know for sure? No, but I hope it’s true.

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