Dalila and Cooper

Dalila and Cooper Not Smiling on Their Wedding Day

Here are Dalila and Cooper, who got married and a sunny day in Chicago in 1937 in the middle of June, June 13th to be exact. Looking at this wedding portrait, you might think this handsome couple look alike, and you’d be right. They’re cousins, second cousins to be exact, so the marriage was legal, but even so, you can tell they share a lot of the very same genes.

Six months to the day of their fantastic wedding ceremony, Dalila gave birth to twin boys. And though several of their friends were wondering if they’d have eleven fingers, fourteen toes and maybe even two heads, they were born normal in every respect, except one. Their parents, both of them from wealthy families, were dumb as toast, whereas the boys, James and John, were whip smart, with IQs off the charts.

Dalila and Cooper on Their Wedding Day

So even though this family had been keeping the wealth in the family by means of unhealthy inbreeding, James and John were apparently unaffected. Sadly, the same can’t be said of their younger sister Sally. She did have a couple extra fingers, probably to replace the screws she had loose.

James and John became Wall Street bankers, increasing the families wealth. They lived the high life right up until their untimely deaths on September 11, 2001.

Sally made a lot of money herself, not as much as her brothers, because even in Chicago a hooker can’t make as much money as banker. However, she’s still alive and kicking. And to add to her tidy nest egg, which she had to screw about a thousand guys to get, she inherited her brother’s fortunes, because when the twin towers went down, they’d did childless, because they’d both been born sterile. So maybe some of that inbreeding did affect them after all.

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