Geraldine on Her Wedding Day

Here is Geraldine, who as you can see is in this wedding portrait all by herself. She married a guy named Alexander from Liverpool, who had a ton of money and though she wasn’t very fond of the man, her family loved him to death.

That’s because Geraldine’s patrician Boston family was broke, but nobody knew, and Alexander had promised to invest loads of loot in Geraldine’s dad’s shoe factory if he could deliver his daughter.

Geraldine was under tremendous pressure to save the family, so even though she couldn’t stand the guy, she went ahead and married him in a London ceremony. And three minutes after the ceremony, Alexander ran off with three of his pals to the Shakespeare’s Head pub, where he enjoyed the company of his pals and a group of wanton women till dawn of the next day, leaving Geraldine to sleep alone in her wedding bed on the day England and Germany went to war.

And that is why she is alone in this wedding portrait. There were no portraits made of her with Alexander.

Geraldine in Her Wedding Dress

One day, a year later, Alexander took his bride out to dinner at a posh restaurant near Piccadilly Circus and afterward, as they were waiting for a cab, a rough looking man approached them. He was big, had facial scars and it looked like all the world that he was going to mug them. At least it did to Alexander.

“Run!” he shouted, leaving his bride with the mugger.

However, the tough looking man was a guy named Jack and he wasn’t a mugger. He worked for the government and he had a task for Geraldine, should she accept it. Churchill had tasked him to find agents who they could place behind enemy lines and currently he was looking for a female who spoke fluent Norwegian, who they could train and parachute into Norway with a radio.

“How many women have you talked to?”

“Seven,” Jack said.

“And they all said no?”

“Three did, four we felt weren’t up to it.”

“My husband beats me and I have to take it.” She sighed. “I don’t want to take it anymore, so if you help me, I’ll help you.”

“What would you like us to do?”

“I want you to kill him and make it look like an accident.”

“That’s it? You want us to kill you husband?”

“No, there’s more.”

“You want his money?” the man guessed.

“I don’t care about his money.” She pinned him with her eyes.

“Then what?”

“I want him to suffer.” She smiled. “And before he dies, I want you to tell him it was because of me.”

Now it was Jack’s turn to smile. “We could do that,” he said.

And they did and Geraldine parachuted behind enemy lines three months later, where she worked as one of England’s most effective agents. She spotted and reported on German shipping and sent reports on German troop movements that resulted in the loss of thousands of enemy soldiers and twenty-four ships during her years in Norway.

After German surrendered, it was Jack who came to Oslo to take her back to England.

“If I had my way,” he told her on the plane. “We’d give you a hero’s welcome. But sadly, your heroism has to go unsung because of our Official Secrets Act. But maybe someday it’ll all come out.”

“That’s okay,” she said. “I just want to go back to America and start my live over.”

“We can help you with that.”


“Before I set that car on fire with your husband in it, I persuaded him to write a new will, so you are now one very, very rich widow.”

And that’s how Geraldine got rich.

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