Group of Spies

Sandra and Sexton's Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Here is a portrait of Sandra and Sexton’s bridesmaids and groomsmen and like the bride and groom, five of them were spies and three of them are young women who didn’t have a clue about what kind of work their husbands did.

From left to right in the back row there are Albert, George, Harry and Phil. Still going from left to right, in the front row there are Gwendolyn, Rachael, Tori and Josie.

Tori, was not only a spy, she was a double agent and unlike the other woman, she knew well that the fate of the nation on the verge of war depended on men like those standing behind her.

Take a good look at Tori. She’s wearing a bride like veil, which you think would have upset Sandra and if anybody but Tori would have shown up at a wedding back then, with a veil longer than the bride’s, it might have caused quite a stir.

But Tori, everybody thought, was nothing more than a likable airhead without a clue. She was from one of Britain’s wealthiest families and she’d married well as Harry was filthy rich. And though he was whip smart he was donkey dumb when it came to his wife. Everybody in society knew she slept with anybody and everybody in their clique, except Harry.

In fact, she was carrying on affairs with the three other men behind her behind her husband’s back and from them she learned enough to aid the Nazis in ways too numerous to mention.

But Harry caught her with her secret radio one night and though he never learned about her secret affairs, he learned about her secret life the night he ended her life with a bullet to her brain.

After he dispatched her, he called Scotland Yard and told them about a one armed man who’d broken into his house and killed his wife. And if you think that story’s familiar, it is, because that’s where the creators of the American television show, “The Fugitive,” got the one armed man angle.

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