Imaginary Weddings

Right off the bat, I wanna say all the words on the Imaginary Weddings part of our blog are FICTION. Also all of the people in these photographs and their photographers are most likely long dead.

Also, the names of these happy people and their photographers have long been lost to history, so when I make up my stories about these people, their names as well as there stories are FICTION.

So why am I doing this?

Well, I’m doing it because in addition to being a wedding and portrait photographer, I’m a fiction writer and fiction writers write fiction every chance they get.

But why make up stories about brides and grooms who got married about a century ago?

Well, I write about a lotta things, but specifically I’m writing about these ancient wedding portraits, because Vesta has been collecting vintage images of couples on their wedding day for years, so I have the images and we’re wedding photographers and I like inventing characters, so it all just seems to work for me.

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