Sandra and Sexton

Sandra and Sexton Happy on Their Wedding Day

Here are Sandra and Sexton on their wedding day, August 1st, 1939. Sexton wanted his bride to have the most beautiful bouquet on record and as you can see, she’s got a whole lotta spectacular flowers cradled in her arms. Fortunately for her she didn’t have to toss ‘em at her reception, because they might’ve gone maybe eight or nine feet.

Sexton met Ian Fleming at the Tennerhof in Kizbuhel, Austria in 1927 when he was eighteen years old. It was a small private school where the elite sent their children and the two became fast friends. The school was run by Ernan Forbes Dennis, a one time British spy and his wife, Phyllis Bottome, a novelist who counted Sinclair Lewis among her friends.

Sandra and Sexton Smiling on Their Wedding Day

Both young men perfected their language skills at the school, but Sexton’s German was so good that he was recruited to work as a spy behind enemy lines during World War II. Many people think Fleming’s James Bond character was based on Sexton’s exploits. Others think maybe Fleming was writing about himself, because, as we all know, he served in Naval Intelligence during the war.

The truth is probably somewhere in between.

As for Sandra, she was an actress who dazzled everybody she met with her beauty and charm, when she met Sexton. She too was fluent in German and she served behind the lines with her husband. Nobody knows how many high ranking Nazis they killed and the government, for security reasons, doesn’t want it known, because they were both in MI6 and they’ve done things for British Intelligence that are better off left unsaid.

It’s been whispered that Winston Churchill himself awarded them each the Victoria Cross during a secret ceremony.

They are both gone now, but we do have this wedding portrait to remember them by. Which is kind’ve amazing actually, because as you can imagine, they were both very camera shy.

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