Marissa's Headshot, by Ken Douglas

Business people, especially those at the top, you know CEOs, CFOs, people like that, they know the headshot on their card or website is the first image many of their customers or clients are going to see of them and it’s going to be lasting.

And if it’s on the card they’ve handed out, it’s the way they’re going to be remembered, the way they want to be remembered. Many people need a headshot for their LinkedIn profile and some even for their Facebook profile. And, it goes without saying, that actors and actresses and many others need headshots as well.

Because we deliver the best headshots you can possible get for only fifty bucks, we do a lotta headshots. And if you’d like to check out a few of the ones we’ve done, please click on this link: Our Headshots Link.

Maria's Headshot, by Ken Douglas

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