Valeria and Travis (1,921 Photographs)

Over the years so many brides have asked us if they could view a whole wedding. They wanted to see every photograph we’d given a bride and groom. When that happened, we’d invite them over to our place and let them go through a couple complete weddings on our computer.

But that got to be a hassle. So now we’ve put seven complete weddings on our website and they include every single photograph we took at those weddings. So, if you’d like to see all the photographs we took at Valeria and Travis' wedding, just click on this link: Valeria and Travis.

Valeria Special 1 by Ken Douglas

Valeria and Travis got married at Edgewood, up at Lake Tahoe on a bright and sunny day. It was a happy day too, from the beginning to the end. We had a wonderful time, photographing their wedding. There is just something magical about a wedding up at the Lake.

Valeria 1644

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